Group Production plants

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The manufacturing base of the ELVAL Group includes 7 basic industrial plants.

ELVAL Group Plants 

 Location  Company

 Product Objective

 Oinofita (Greece) ΕΛΒΑΛ Aluminium rolling
 Thiva (Greece) VEPAL Aluminium coil coating
 Mandra (Greece) SYMETAL Aluminium coating and paper-coating
 Oinofita (Greece) SYMETAL Foil production
 Agios Thomas (Greece) ANOXAL Foundry
 Agios Thomas (Greece) ELVAL COLOUR Production of
composite aluminium panels
 Nea Artaki (Greece) VIOMAL Aluminium forming

Raw Materials

ELVAL meets most of its needs for primary aluminium from the international market, whereas a relatively small percentage is procured from the Greek market.
At the same time, part of the raw material needed comes from recycled aluminium (scrap). Significant efforts have been made to develop recycling in Greece and for that reason an Aluminium Can Recycling Centre (CANAL) has been operating since 2003 in Maroussi, which can accept an annual quantity of 2,800 tons of used aluminium cans.