Sustainable Development

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The companies in the ELVAL Group operate based on a development model which places special importance on the concept of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility.

For ELVAL, Sustainable Development is expressed through competitiveness and the technological development of its products, the increase in production of the industrial plants of the Group, the constant upgrading of its equipment, the further expansion of its range of products and the improvement of their quality, with the simultaneous and constant reduction of the production procedure’s environmental footprint.

Social Responsibility is displayed in recognising the importance of its presence in the development of the local communities in which its industrial plants are active, in ensuring a safe work environment for its people, as well as educating the younger generation on environmental protection issues and the benefits of recycling.

At ELVAL , Social Responsibility is related to the Society, the Environment and the Economy.

ELVAL 's business development is based on its commitment to adopt transparency in its business operations, on the emphasis on the Health and Safety of its employees and on limiting the environmental
footprint of its industrial activity.

Having identified and evaluated the consequences which may stem from its activity, ELVAL , within the framework of Sustainable Development, is developing policies and management prevention systems and proceeds with continuous investments in research and the development of know-how, which aim to minimise these consequences on the Environment and on Safety at work.

ELVAL has adopted the Code of Conduct of SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) Council for Sustainable Development and in doing s:

  • Respects the principles of Sustainable Development and incorporates them in its decision-making processes.
  • Promotes the adoption of environmentally friendly and scientifically established methods of designing its activities. 
  • Focuses on manufacturing products and rendering services with positive environmental impact.
  • Promotes production methods that emphasise recycling, conservation of natural resources and proper management of waste products.
  • Educates and suitably trains its workforce and invests in natural, technological and financial resources, aimed at sustainable development.
  • Engages in continuing improvement of its performance in the fields of health, safety and environmental protection. 
  • Provides accurate information to the Authorities and Society about its activities and aims at a sincere dialogue with all involved stakeholders.
  • Contributes to the social, cultural and overall economic development of the communities in which it is active. 
  • Adopts modern practices of corporate governance.
  • Meets its institutional obligations in the spirit of transparency and business ethics.