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Protection of the natural environment is ELVAL's primary concern and is carried out with significant investments in comprehensive measures, to prevent pollution and optimise production processes, through the use of the Best Available Techniques, which have been set by the European Union. Within the framework of adopting the Best Available Techniques, production processes are evaluated based on their total environmental footprint, including the consumption of electricity, water, fossil fuels and not just based on the waste they generate.

The company monitors environmental performance indicators for three different production processes: recycling-melt shop, rolling and aluminium coating. The following indicators refer to comparative data for the period 2006-2008, except for the cases where it is mentioned that they exclusively concern 2008.

ELVAL has adopted suitable environmental protection measures, not only because it is required by law, but because it firmly believes that it is the only way that a modern business can operate with a vision of Sustainable Development and living in harmony with the local community.