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The ELVAL Group is the aluminium processing and trading division of VIOHALCO.

ELVAL started its activities in 1973 and is now one of the most important aluminium rolling industries in the world; it is the only Group in Greece that focuses on this activity.

Some of the competitive advantages of the Group are its manufacturing flexibility, its powerful presence outside Greece, its important presence in the lithography market, its leading position in the Greek market, its extensive distribution network, and its strategic partnerships with world-known firms.

The extensive manufacturing base of the ELVAL Group, which includes 12 production plants in Greece, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, manufactures a number of different aluminium products that meet the needs of the food, shipbuilding, automotive, construction and printing industries.

Following are the main subsidiaries of the ELVAL Group:

  • ELVAL COLOUR: Active in coating rolled aluminium products and manufacturing composite aluminium panels, corrugated and perforated sheets.
  • ΕΤΕΜ: Production of aluminium profiles and components for the construction sector, aluminium bars and custom profiles for the automotive industry.
  • SYMETAL: Active in the production of aluminium foil and flexible aluminium packaging products for tobacco and food industries.
  • BRIDGNORTH ALUMINIUM: A UK-based company, active in the production of lithographic sheets and semi-finished coils. The company is among the leading litho sheet manufacturers worldwide.

Both ELVAL and its subsidiary ΕΤΕΜ are listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.

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